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Key chains made of Soft PVC

Key chain made of Soft PVC can give your promotional items an original Design! Through the personalized Form of a trailer made of soft PVC, we create for you a special product. In our production facility we can manufacture key chains made of rubber (Soft PVC), which are not only durable, but also flexible and very visually appealing. Soft PVC pendants are very versatile and aesthetic. The colours, sizes and shapes are quite individually tuneable according to your Wishes. So we have to put up with the latest technology, your Text, your graphics, or Logo in the Form of a key FOB made of Soft PVC. Your customer will keep through the practical use of the key, your company with security in your memory and every day again. In addition, the key chain is made of rubber, even after a long time it remains new. We achieve this through the special production process, which ensures Aesthetics, resistance and durability. And since the colours are not prone to discoloration and abrasion, you can clean the trailer without problems with ordinary soap and water. Our production time is about 10 working days. Depending on the order situation and the current production capacity, we can perform your order within 2-3 working days. To do this, ask us for the Express production!

Important information about Custom key chain:

Minimum order quantity The maximum number of colours Price Format
100 pieces 6 Calculated Individually Individual Form

Individual shapes as a key chain!

We use it in the production of exclusively high quality plastic. Innovative is the possibility of one’s own forms to be produced. We at Elastimo offer, as one of the few companies, our customers (a certain quantity) the individual forms of 3D Soft PVC key chains. This special feature mkes your Logo look even better. From the planning to the production of the final product, you accompany us through and can bring their individual customers ‘ wishes perfectly.

Key chain made of soft rubber as a Fan-article

A further special feature is that we can offer our clients, a special sports-key chain. A very popular Fan-article that allowed it to have the favourite team always with you! Whether its football, Basketball, Cycling, or Hockey, a sports-pendant in the Form of sports clothing of the favourite player is a very interesting marketing solution for associations and advertising agencies.

3D Soft PVC key chain as promotional gift

Custom promotional key chains are practical, look good and are also cheap in production. This product can be used in a perfect way in the advertising industry.
As a promotional gift, our key chain made of rubber are ideal! The practical use is often a part of many advertising campaigns, and the customers just love them! But the key chain is not only practical, the advertising area offers you an attractive way of addressing customers. The Soft PVC key chain can be determined with the company’s logo for its own employees, as a sales product to your customers or your Merchandising. Your customers will be reminded with a promotional trailer, always in your business, because the key chain is made of rubber and belongs to a practical subject that will be used for, usually, very often. An ideal promotional gift so, in order to remain in the memory of your customers.

Excerpt from our latest projects:

Please note during the data preparation our information for the production of their key FOB:

Your desired graphic, you should submit to us in electronic Form via E-Mail. For your projects, we require the motif/Logo as a vector file, e.g. in:

  • Corel Draw (*.CDR),
  • Adobe Illustrator (*.AI)

Lettering should preferably be, as in all of our projects be converted to curves. For questions regarding the data preparation, we advise you of course gladly! Contact us now and get your key chains quickly and inexpensively!