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With our production we can offer our customers a wide selection of products from so-called Soft PVC (Soft PVC). Zipper pendants and key chains made of rubber, as well as other products made of this Material have long been present in the advertising industry and enjoy a great popularity. The production technology allows for an unlimited amount of Soft-PVC finished articles. Self-designed patches, keychains and bar mats with your own Logo made of rubber can be used as a means of advertising or as gifts.

We realize even the most unusual design ideas of our customers with the highest level of precision. The Soft PVC article can be made in any colour combinations, including translucent and luminous colours. With us you can shape pendant, bar mats with your own Logo as well as the patch itself!

Through the use of the latest technologies, we are able to offer the following Soft-PVC-articles:

  • Pendant for mobile phone

and many more…

Our products are characterized by a high degree of Aesthetics, and, simultaneously, robust and weather-resistant quality. Therefore, the colours will retain even after a long time their Shine, and defy any discoloration and abrasion. For cleaning your self-designed patches, bar mats with your own Logo, Zipper puller and key chain made of rubber can be used with normal water and soap.

On request it is possible to produce a sample before ordering. The waiting time for prototypes is 3-7 days depending on the extent of the project. The templates are individually made for each order and after the implementation for a customer, it is kept in our warehouse, so that in the case of repeat orders, a fast production is guaranteed.

Zipper pendants and key chains made of rubber, as well as bar mats with your own Logo are just a few examples – we also accept individual orders for products with particular shapes and colours. If you have an idea for an article, then please contact us and we will talk together about the implementation! There are many ways Soft PVC items can be used as promotional items. The imagination of the graphic artist and the designer are almost no limits.

Our products are made with 3D effect!

Our 3D products are used for original and prestigious solutions. They represent a Form of advertising media of the highest quality and Aesthetics. Combined with the Logo of your company, our 3D products represent a positive Image of the company. They are also very flexible in use. This universal application can be, for example, for product labelling or for advertising purposes. As a key-ring made of rubber in the automotive industry, as bar mats with your own Logo in the catering industry or as a zipper pendant and self-designed patch in textile finishing, 3D products made of Soft PVC are popular everywhere.


The raw materials used in production, to protect against bad weather, scratches, solvents and especially UV-radiation, the Fading of the colours is responsible. Our soft rubber products keep after production their high quality, colour intensity and resistance.

With our production we want to meet all of your requirements!

  • fast production,
  • low costs,
  • elegant design
  • and small minimum order quantity

…are the advantages of self-designed patches, bar mats with your own Logo or zipper pendants and key chains made of rubber, if you order atElastimo. Due to the complexity of our product range and the wide spectrum of solutions, we process all of the requests individually. Contact us today and you will receive a specifically adapted solution!

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